Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Life is full!
Life is good, but Life is Full!
Life could be better.......and, it could be much, much worse.
So, I will take it as I have it! :-)

I go through moments of feeling completely overwhelmed and that my schedule is far too packed, to moments of wondering if I am living life to my fullest capacity.

In this year, as I continue on my journey to find the rhythm of my authentic life, I know that I want to be intentional about my time and my schedule but not so structured that there isn't room for any spontaneity.

Today, I realized that several things are lined up to happen this year--

  • I will graduate from my Advanced Coach training
  • I will achieve my PCC standing with the International Coach Federation
  • I will have a daughter graduate from High School and head off to college
Life is full!
Life is good!

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The Bug said...

When I hear about the lives of people with children I realize that there's SO MUCH I could accomplish if I would just do it!